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Israeli poets often turn to biblical sources for inspiration and metaphors.

Of all the biblical themes one could think of – the Binding of Isaac – the Akeida is the one most recurrent since the early years of Modern Hebrew poetry.

The session focuses on this painful them...

Israeli poetry was always and still is, a major source for shaping personal as well as national conduct. This session will focus on two major sources of inspiration for modern Israel: TANA”CH and the Holocaust.

Our quest will start with the very early pre- state days im...

This session examines the reflection of biblical motifs in modern Israeli poetry: Our main themes will be the Akeda (The Binding of Isaac), Joseph, and other biblical figures and events that inspire modern writers as lenses of contemporary dilemmas. Our choice of autho...

This session offers a critical reading of modern poems that challenge our traditional view of well-known biblical figures. With works by Yehudit Kafri, Uzi Shavit , Haim Guri and others, we will revisit Rachel, Eve, Jacob's sons, Bat Sheva and Sisra's mother to explore...

Although Israel is often seen as a society divided along the lines of religiosity and secularism, a close look will show how even the most secular of writers are rooted in classical texts and create their own language of secular prayer.

The session will examine a variet...

Shabbat can be many different things to different people. If you are ready to venture outside of synagogues and traditional family meals, you may find some interesting Shabbat experiences. The session will offer a variety of approaches to Shabbat in modern Israeli poet...

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