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All sessions are offered in both Hebrew and English

This session deals with the ideological aspect of the topic, namely what image of Israel we seek to convey, between Zion, Eretz Israel and Medinat Israel. We will explore different approaches, discuss the nature of the “story” or stories we want to tell and analyze the...

This session focuses on content; what does it mean to teach Israel? Geography, Demography, Culture, Advocacy etc. We will try to map the body of knowledge we seek to impart and suggest choices for different age groups and time frames.

This session deals with methodology: We will discuss options of including Israel in the existing curriculum, Israel in the school’s space, linking with Israeli schools and communities, using the Internet, responding to everyday news, creating special events etc. Some a...

This session offers an analytical examination of changing relationships with, and attitudes towards Israel in Jewish education systems worldwide. We will explore the roots of early images of Israel and how they are being replaced by new ones. Session will present educa...

On the occasion of Israel’s 70th anniversary, Jewish educational frameworks for adults and teens may be looking for educational activities to mark the event. Zot Hashira goes beyond celebration and happy birthdays parties for Israel. It offers an opportunity for an in-...

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