39.  Shaul Tchernichovsky the other National Poet (1875-1943)

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Shaul Tchernichovsky is often seen as second to Bialik, however his work has a world of its own. Raised in a much less traditional home, he discovers world literature and art and will include their influences in his poetry. We will follow the development of his art through the different phases of his life in Russia, Germany and the Land of Israel.

"I Believe" – a poem glorifying the spirit of man, "They Say there is a Land" a poem Tchernichovsky had composed twice, to suit his changing moods, "See oh Land" one of Israel's earliest poems of lamenting loss at war and " Ein Dor" Tchernichovsky’s eulogy for his namesake the Biblical king Saul, will be our stepping stones to get to know (or be reminded of) this great poet.



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