38.  Bialik the National Poet

Sessions in this series require a Data projector and speakers


H. N. Bialik (1873- 1934) is often related to as Israel’s national poet. Looking at his basic biographical information, it is clear he was not born in Israel, he had only lived there for about ten years. He had died before the Holocaust and of course, never saw the birth of the state of Israel. How can one be Israel’s national poet without having been witness or part of the major events of its creation?

The session will address this question through the reading of four of Bialik’s poems:

To the Bird, Alone, the City of Slaughter, and Shabbat the Queen. Through these poems we will explore the notions of: Longing, painful separation from earlier traditions, critique and innovation that have become the building blocks of modern Zionism.


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