22. The Complex Spirit of 1967 – The Seventh Day  שיח לוחמים Versus Guns of Tamuz חשופים בצריח

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One the many ways to understand the complex spirit of 1967 is through the lens of two important books that where published immediately after the war. They can be viewed from afar, as representing the contrasting voices of the post Six Day War atmosphere in Israel.

In Tanks of Tamuz, Shabtai Tevet, glorifies the victories of the armoured forces, while “The Seventh Day” gives voice to soldiers’ feelings and thoughts following the loss of their friends and the sights of destroyed enemy forces.

Not surprisingly these two contrasting views continue to be relevant in Israel of today. Throughout the years that followed their publication, they both gave birth to important concepts in the Israeli discourse and both have come under political criticism. We shall read selected excerpt to demonstrate the tone and messages of both books and will review their “descendants” in contemporary Israeli discourse.

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