16. Critical Voices

This session require a projector and speakers


With war becoming part of everyday reality in Israel, critic will not be far behind the songs of glory and mourning:

Al Zot by Nathan Alterman will start us off by looking at the issue of war ethics. Hanoch Levine's controversial poetry of the late 1960s and 70's will establish the cynical yet painful tone of a young generation rebelling against the futility of war. Meir Ariel's Layla Shaket written while he was on reserve duty in 1973-4 will carry us on to the first Lebanon war with a tone of indifferent acceptance and longing for faraway places. The painful mourning of the enemy's losses in Dalia Rabikowitch's "You Cannot Kill a Baby Twice" as well as a few more poems from the anthology "With an Iron Pen" will conclude this theme.


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