8. The Tale of Two Cities

This session is best suited for the opening or conclusion of an Israel trip – if your group is under 25 participants, we can have it in my home in Jaffa.


The Zionist movement had created more than one narrative of the connections between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Based on the Divine promise of Lech Lecha; it had developed a language of Biblical motifs often ignoring the later layers of Jewish literature that had developed in Diaspora.

On the other hand early Zionist immigrants, as well as the writers and poets inspired by them, have created a language of “A Fresh Start” a Venus like birth out of the sea, the sand and hard toil.

This session will explore these two contrasting Zionist narratives through the representations of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in three literary texts:

“From the Songs of Zion the Beautiful”… by Yehuda Amichai, “White City” by Naomi Shemer and Nahum Guttmann’s "The Orange Peels Path".

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