64. There was Never a Silence to be Broken – Loyalty and Critic in Modern Israeli Literature (3 Sessions)

Whistle blowing, telling kings as well as the whole people of Israel off, is a truly sacred Jewish tradition. Chastising, and punishing the prophets for their painful words of truth is equally rooted in our tradition.


In our times, poets and writers took it upon themselves to become the voice of truth and justice.


The three sessions in this unit will look at the poetic articulation of moral and political critic since the early days of modern Zionism, to our own times. Have a seminar of all three, choose one or create your own mixture.


A) Pre State Years –
Rachel, Alterman and Avigdor Hameiri – three lovers of the land raise their voice when needed.


B) Independence – and Nakba through Critical Poetic Lenses.
S. Yizhar, Alterman, Dan Pagis and Chaya Kadmon : Four different Israeli voices of the 1948-9 war.


C) “Wounds of a lover are faithful” Proverbs 27,6
The ongoing poetic vigilance throughout the 70 years of Israel Contemporary voices looking at the conduct of the state and the IDF towards the Arab minorities.

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