63. In the Land of Oz

I am writing this because people I loved have died. I am writing this because when I was young I was full of the power of loving, and now that power of loving is dying. I do not want to die. Oz, Amos. My Michael: A Novel. 1968 Amos Oz – the great Israeli novelist had passed away in December of 2018. He left behind over thirty books, essays and recorded lectures. This session is a journey in the literary world of Oz, sampling some of his well-known works. Through excerpts from his 1983 “In the Land of Israel” we shall meet Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem, visit Ofra, the mother of all settlements, in its early days and have coffee with citizens of Beth Shemesh. We will explore some of the magic fiction of “The Same Sea” and use the insights we gained to better understand his major opus “A Tale of Love and Darkness” The session is an emotional roller coaster. It takes ninety minutes (At least) or even two separate sessions. It is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation but can be done without.


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